Mechanical engineering

In addition to hardware and software, a product needs the right mechanical properties and look & feel. Functionality, ergonomics, safety, thermal properties, mechanical strength and many other factors must be taken into account, knowing that they can strongly influence the design. Through years of experience, Dekimo can now also make the right engineer available for this. The role that this engineer takes on is determined by you, our client. This can range from support for a very specific assignment where expert knowledge is required to collaborate in making the design (3D), or the generation of production drawings (2D). If desired, we can even take the lead over a complete team. We believe our vision on consultancy to be quite unique, because we see the consultant as the bridge between our customer and the Dekimo project team. The knowledge provided is therefore much broader than the knowledge of the consultant alone. All these assets together mean that we at Dekimo are convinced that we can help you “on site” with the development of your product.

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