PCB Assembly

Electronic Manufacturing
Dekimo Erpe-Mere is the electronic production plant of the Dekimo group. Dekimo combines the quality of highly automated production lines, with the flexibility and lean structure of a Small Medium Enterprise.

Business Profile
Our business model is somewhat different from the typical CEM. We aim a low “total cost” approach, by not only optimizing the assembly and BOM cost, but also optimizing flexibility, leadtimes, logistics, packaging, testing and communication/problem solving.
Worldwide purchase and procurement, customer feedback for “preferred components”
Design for manufacturing
We are “engineers producing for engineers”. This way we speak the technical and application know how language of our customers, and we “think” together with the customer for production and cost optimization
ISO 9001/2015 certified
The manufacturing plant of the Dekimo group was one of the first contractors to be ISO9001/2015 certified with full risk analysis/management, including external providers.

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