Design for manufacturing

All the processes from component procurement, over SMD pick and place, automatic placement, wave soldering, testing till system/product assembly and packaging and logistics are available in house. It is up to the customer to decide which part of this supply chain he wants to use. Dekimo is not only ISO9001/2015 certified, but can offer full traceability down to manufacturer batch code, and has a 35 years knowhow as former Pioneer Automotive Electronics assembly plant

  • We are “engineers producing for engineers”. This way we speak the technical and application know how language of our customers, and we “think” together with the customer for production and cost optimization.
  • Prototype assembly within 5 working days, or 10 working days inclusive pcb and tool procurement.
  • Setup cost optimized by automatic and paperless production preparation.
  • Automatic smd pick|place combined with inline manual placement for prototypes.
  • Design for manufacturing feedback to the customer during the pilot run for all production optimizations (pad size, panelization, first pass yield, …)
  • Feedback/help to the customer for mechanical components, fixation, testing tools, packaging, shielding, comformal coating, potting, standard components library, …
  • Constant quality, even for prototypes and pilot series
  • Open calculation BOM feedback to the customer with co-optimization

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