Business Profile

Our business model is somewhat different from the typical CEM. We aim a low total cost approach, by not only optimizing the assembly and BOM cost, but also optimizing flexibility, leadtimes, logistics, packaging, testing and communication/problem solving.

  • Inline production for series from 25p till 500.000p/yr.
  • Automatic smd line capacity 140.000 components/hour.
  • High volume p&p price as low as China cost
  • Worldwide procurement of components, wire harnesses, mechanical parts and subassemblies
  • Optimized internal logistics: mixed-model supply chain (erp/traveling kit/local shop/milktour)
  • Low cost test systems for small series, with test result logging
  • End user packaging or kanban return packaging for further assembly
  • On site UPS and DHL distribution hub
  • For customers who have “global” year agreements
    • Delivery within 10 working days after call
    • Product version/type of the call within family can be decided at moment of call (stock optimization)

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