Dekimo Student Challenge

May 2021

The Student Challenge 2021 is a competition organized by Dekimo to program on an embedded platform. The challenge is to create an implementation on an Arduino board that quickly recognizes whether 2 different character strings are anagrams or not. The character strings are transmitted via USB.

The fastest record of the execution time is kept and must be surpassed. All entries will be checked and approved by an expert jury.

Whoever breaks the existing record wins a prize. The Arduino board will be provided by Dekimo free of charge, and participants can also keep the Arduino afterwards.

You can find the details of the contest here.

Whoever breaks the record, for at least 6 hours, may choose from one of the prizes below:

Dekimo Student Challenge prizes


We are organizing an embedded software contest for students who are passionate about this field and are currently pursuing their studies in Europe.


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