Dekimo launches the Dekimo Embedded Challenge

May 2022

After 2 successful editions of the Dekimo Student Challenge, we thought it was high time to take our challenge to the next level. That is why we have decided to open our competition to everyone who is interested, not only to students. And so, our new competition emerged: the Dekimo Embedded Challenge!

This time the challenge is not about anagrams or about optimizing an algorithm. We have chosen for a task with “factorials”, the task is to solve a seeming impossible problem.

If you can solve the problem by implementing code on the Arduino board, which will be provided by Dekimo for free (you can also keep it afterwards), and you’re able to break the existing record, you may choose from our prize pool.

Do you want to find out more about our challenge, or are you eager to subscribe? Click here to go to the challenge page.

PS: You might have heard something about this challenge in the podcast of Nerdland (monthly overview of May) 😉.

Prizes you may choose from when you break the record:



We are organizing an embedded software contest for anyone who is passionate about this field and is up for a challenge.


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