Dalemans is a Belgian company active in the gas detection market. They offer a complete range of services to ensure safety measures in the industrial and tertiary sectors. Their products detect abnormal concentrations of gases in a given environment to prevent dramatic consequences for property and people. Next to their products they offer installation, maintenance and repair services.

Dalemans has their own R&D department that continuously searches for innovation and ways to improve their products and processes. They called on Dekimo Experts’ help to implement embedded software to improve the functioning of the control unit. Dekimo Experts helped with

• upgrading the software development techniques and methods,
• reviewing and discussing the product specifications,
• developing a more suitable configuration management system,
• automating tests,
• creating a bug management system,
• creating a synergy amongst the different products by developing reusable modules,
• reusing the existing standard modules.

The main result of Dekimo Experts’ participation was the time in which the project was realised. Thanks to our help the project was finished in a shorter period than usual.

The new control unit replaces a unit which was still successful, however it became difficult and expensive to maintain. The success of the new control unit is its simplicity while remaining efficient. This was also the main goal of the development, by adding a few elements which are absolutely essential to today’s market:
– More flexible configuration in the event of an alarm,
– Better visualization of the control unit status.

The use of external consultants enabled Dalemans to discover more up-to-date technologies. This is mainly proven by the addition of an embedded software system, allowing the product to be connected to the internet, and become a true IoT (Internet of Things) solution. In spite of initial doubts, Dalemans are now beginning to see the real benefits of these technologies. The products to come will probably be even more connected.

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