eNovates is a company that was founded in 2010 to meet the increasing demand of developing and producing (smart) charging systems and to maintain software that supports the electric mobility ecosystem. Their product portfolio ranges from fully modular AC charging stations for every need, to DC home chargers and a full suite of smart charging software.

Their latest innovation is the V2G-charger. V2G stands for ‘vehicle to grid’, which is a bidirectional charger meaning it can convert AC->DC and DC->AC power. The V2G is thus able to charge the battery of the electric vehicle and to transfer power from the battery to the grid. The main objective of this new way of energy distribution is to face the change of the way energy is generated. Nowadays energy is generated more locally which created a new challenge for the grid operators. Initiatives like the V2G help to improve the stability of the grid and make the grid smarter and more efficient. The V2G isn’t the first bidirectional EV charger; however, the chargers that existed were huge. eNovates wanted to market a light and compact model.

Charging stations are subject to many different laws, rules and standards. This is to guarantee the safety of the end user in all circumstances. Dekimo designed the V2G charging station for eNovates that complies to the different norms. Here is a list of the most important hardware and mechanical requirements:

  • A custom mounting plate for the electrical components.
  • A housing for the converter module with a locked door to be able to access the converter & electronics.
  • The casing is IP54 certified meaning it can withstand dust and that it is spray proof.
  • The converter generates heat when it’s active. For this reason we built a ventilation system into the casing with a dedicated air flow for clean air coming in that is filtered by a replaceable filter, and a dedicated flow for the discharge of warm air.
  • The casing is rated IK10, this value indicates the impact resistance, and therefore also the vandal resistance. IK10 means this product is tested for impacts up to 20J.
  • A security switch that turns the power off when the door is opened.
  • A button that functions as an emergency stop.

The casing is made of steel plates with an anti-corrosion primer and a secondary aesthetic mat black layer.
The V2G charger can be mounted on any wall and be locked in place with 2 strong screws. We have also created an elegant looking stand for the charger in which the energy cables can be stored neatly. The charging plug can also be stored safely on the stand.

Next to the hardware, we were also asked to join the eNovates team to develop software for the new charger. By doing this teamwork we decreased the total lead time on the code for the communication between the vehicle and the charger, which is in communication with the grid .

The production of these chargers takes place in our assembly plant in Kortrijk.

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