TranZero is a Dutch company that was founded to develop the ‘BubbleFlush’. The BubbleFlush is an innovative solution to provide good toilet hygiene without using aggressive detergents which damage the environment. The product is made of high-quality materials to make sure it lasts a long time. The brush is made of natural fibre which can easily be replaced. The main objectives for this concept were to take care of the environment, focus on the hygiene, the practical usability and reasonable pricing.

The idea for this product dates back to 2018 when one of the founders, Dennis, started looking for innovative solutions to reduce chemical and plastic waste. Dennis developed a concept for his idea and he wanted to share his innovative idea with someone. That’s how he met Hidde in early 2019. Together they created TranZero and from then on the development of the BubbleFlush really took off.

Going from an idea to a product concept is difficult and there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account. For this project they needed help to design the electronics and that’s how they met us. Our mission was to create the proof of concept, to make sure the product specifications were technically, operationally and financially feasible.

The main technical difficulty was the power architecture and the choice of battery. It is important for the battery to be capable of delivering an immediate and constant power of 50W for a few seconds. Next to this all the electronics need to be able to withstand the heat that’s created during usage. To validate the proof of concept we used demo boards, custom designed transformers and custom PCB’s to create a fast proof of concept.

The product needs to be easy and straightforward to operate. For this we needed to make sure that all the electronic equipment is safely hidden in the housing. The battery needs to be easily detachable and fit the product well. The main challenge here was to fit all of the electronics in the pre-shaped housing and to make sure that the electronics don’t overheat.

During the process of technical and functional feasibility it’s important to always keep the financial feasibility in mind. We had to stay under a certain price level for the production. Otherwise the product would be too expensive and it wouldn’t sell. Next to the components such as the housing, the electronics,… we also needed to take the assembly cost into account.

The proof of concept is proven. Right now our client is looking for new partners and started a Kickstarter campaign to begin the production.