Software development

  • Software for Windows platforms (Microsoft .NET, Java SE)
  • Drivers for Windows and Linux platforms
  • Component based development
  • Web technology, server side and client side (ASP.NET, Java EE)
  • Database design & interfacing (SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL)


Software for Windows platforms

Dekimo develops applications ranging from technical areas such as hardware monitoring up to complex administrative tools with advanced GUI design.

Our development team uses the latest technologies (.NET, Java Swing, …) and programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java, …). We deliver components such as libraries, assemblies, JAR files or finished products including installation software.

We are experienced in providing advanced functionalities such as multi-language applications, on-line upgradability (Java Webstart, .NET clickOnce), framework applications.

Windows and Linux platforms

Hardware designers and manufacturers have chosen Dekimo as their partner to develop driver software for their products. We are experienced both in Microsoft and Linux platforms.

Component based development

Dekimo provides object oriented solutions for your requirements. They can be implemented as components using .NET (Assemblies) or Java Beans.

Web technology

Dekimo is experienced in creating both Internet and Intranet sites on Windows (IIS) and Linux (Apache) servers. Server technologies such as JSP, ASP.NET, Servlets and server side .NET components are common knowledge. Client-side components such as ActiveX controls and Java Applets as well as client side scripting hide no secrets from our developers.

Database design & interfacing

Dekimo realizes projects going from simple database designs up to complex implementations on several platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle or Linux PostgreSQL. We develop intranet sites and dedicated Windows applications built on these databases. Client technologies such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OLE DB can be applied.

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