We’re pleased to announce the launch of the fourth Dekimo Embedded Challenge!

November 2022

A new competition has emerged and therefore there is a new opportunity to become a Dekimo Embedded Challenge champion! Besides receiving the honour of being mentioned on our scoreboard, you also win a prize.

The challenge is now to program an Arduino (which you receive free of charge from Dekimo after registration) in such a way that it can win a game of 3D Connect Four, or “Qubic”, against an opponent’s Arduino.

Do you want to find out more about our challenge, or are you eager to register? Click here to go to the challenge page.

Previous Challenge

In our previous challenge the task was to detect which digits were masked in a long number string. This had to be done in the fastest possible execution time. The long number string was the factorial of a number between 100 and 999. Contestants soon realized that it would be inefficient to calculate the factorials first, as it would take too much time or it would even be impossible to do with the limited resources on the embedded microcontroller…

Different solutions to this problem were quickly found by numerous participants. We received very creative solutions, which we didn’t even think off, and we noticed that people were saving time in very creative ways. The absolute fastest possible execution time has therefore also been achieved in this challenge.

Prizes you may choose from if you break the record:



We are organizing our fourth Dekimo Embedded Challenge for anyone who is passionate about Embedded Software and is up for a challenge.


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