Dekimo partners with Rijkswaterstaat for a project in the North Sea

February 2024

Dekimo Goes proudly announces the signing of a significant contract with Rijkswaterstaat (RWS, which is the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management of the Netherlands) for their Maritime Information Provision Service Point project. The project involves the installation and maintenance of various sensors to deliver and store crucial data about the North Sea.

The agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, Dekimo will deploy and maintain five different types of sensors, namely hydro-meteo, ecological, nautical, avionics and generic sensors across 16 different locations on the North Sea, such as on transformer platforms and platforms of wind turbines. These sensors will monitor a range of different parameters, from weather conditions to bird and bat movements, as well as provide nautical data for ship movements.

The five-year contract includes an option for extension of three years and an additional two years. The project scope includes preventive and corrective maintenance, with other optional services for new or different locations.

Another key service outlined in the contract is ‘smart maintenance’, aligning with RWS’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions. This involves strategic sensor placement with extended calibration intervals, lifespan testing for sensors, and meticulous planning for maintenance activities to minimize environmental impact.


While undertaking this initiative, Dekimo acknowledges the challenges posed by RWS’s technical and process requirements. The project necessitates a specific approach to diverse scenarios, and this approach must be executed rapidly and effectively. Each operation must be reported accurately to RWS. Moreover, everything must be delivered with ISO 9001 rated quality standards.

Additionally, the deployment of skilled technicians presents its own set of challenges. The project requires technicians to be trained in diverse unique skill sets such as; Global Wind Organization trainings, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), electrical safety (NEN 3140 VP), VCA VOL safety certificates, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Dekimo Goes will gain access to an offshore expertise centre for training and sensor testing purposes. This facility will replicate offshore conditions, allowing Dekimo to enhance the skills of its technicians and thoroughly test sensors before installing them at sea.

To ensure project success, Dekimo emphasizes the importance of effective project management and continuous monitoring. Unpredictable weather conditions necessitate agile planning, requiring the ability to reschedule works in the event of unfortunate weather conditions.


Dekimo contract with RWS


Dekimo is thrilled to contribute to Rijkswaterstaat's project, leveraging our expertise to create a robust and reliable maritime information network.


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