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On site PCB design

Dekimo/Layers has 25 years of experience in developing PCB designs for customers. In addition to executing PCB designs as part of a project, Layers' PCB engineers can also be hired for a certain period of time, to come to the customer's premises and do design work on site
Also when a PCB design is started as a part of project, Dekimo/Layers has a tradition of going on site for the critical design stages and verifications.
That way, they can form a real extension of the customer's own design staff, co-operating closely with their electronic designers, mechanical designers, project leaders, software/firmware designers etc.

Advantages of on site PCB design
• Circuit design can be discussed and explained face to face.
• Technology decisions can be made on the spot:
  layer build and PCB technology, assembly technology
• Interfacing with mechanical design can be checked
  thoroughly (e.g. height checks).
• Split up into different PCB if necessary.
• Consultation of FPGA programmer on possible pin swaps
  in order to improve BGA fanout.

Technologies we are fluent in:
• Complex multilayer PCBs
• High density fine pitch BGA fanout techniques
• Microvias, Blind & Burried vias
• Impedance controlled high speed digital design
• PCI, DDR-RAM, Utopia, … bus routing
• Mixed analog/digital
• Routing of Switched Power Supplies

Design Tools we are experienced in:
• Mentor Graphics Expedition WG2002
• Mentor Graphics Boardstation / RE
• Cadence Allegro
• Zuken Cadstar
• Zuken Visula
• Altium Designer / Protel
• P-Cad
• Mentor Graphics PADS
• Hyperlinx and Polar Design Tools for simulation and