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Electronic Design

• Analogue electronics
• Digital electronics
• Power electronics
• Wireless communication standards

Design power
For each hardware design, Dekimo can make use of internal experts in the areas of:

Analogue electronics
To safeguard your design constraints against spurious emissions, inadvertent electromagnetic susceptibility or guarantee PCB signal integrity in high-speed digital designs.

Digital electronics
To guarantee an optimal selection from the vast choice of powerful DSP's, telecommunication processors or 32-bit processors down to economical ARM-based advanced microcontrollers or ultra-low power tiny RISC devices.

We have successfully completed designs featuring
We have successfully completed designs featuring
Advanced processors with high-speed memory interfaces or dedicated high-speed databuses; telecommunications equipment and interfaces: PDH, ATM (Utopia), H.110, optical or RF wireless links; intelligent automotive solutions comprising CAN & I2C; PC interfacing: PCI, compactPCI, Cardbus, USB.

Wireless communication standards
We can help you to avoid getting lost in the Babylonian speech of Zigbee, Xbee, Bluetooth, WLan, general ISM or even long-range satellite communications.

Power electronics
To ensure your inverter or motor controller in multiple kilowatts range or battery chargers for mobile applications do not end a short life in smoke.