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FPGA & CPLD code development

• Different manufacturer support, Altera, Xilinx, Lattice
VHDL programming

Digital design
FPGA & CPLD technology has become one of the workhorses of embedded digital design. Through the projects realized in the last years, Dekimo has built up a thorough experience in design, implementation and debugging of FPGA & CPLD-based designs, both with implementation of third-party IP cores and with in-house developed functionality.

As CPLD's are used in more combinatorially intensive circuits, FPGA's are used in more register-intensive circuits.

The versatility, wide I/O range, in-system reconfigurability and the processing power of new generation FPGA IC's make them indispensable in an up-to-date design. Still, these features also require a structured design approach and dedicated debugging methods: we have extended the standard toolset (ModelSim, ISE & chipscope, Quartus & SignalTap, ...) with internally developed scripts and methods for orderly design, design maintenance and documentation of these often complex designs.

Services offered by Dekimo:
- VHDL Design
- VHDL Simulation in ModelSim
- VHDL Synthesis
- FPGA & CPLD implementation
- Design Debugging
- FPGA Verification using ChipScope/SignalTap

This approach guarantees re-usability and re-configurability of existing building blocks into new applications, thus improving efficiency and development speed.